NUTRICON 2017, will take place in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia from 05 to 07 October 2017. NUTRICON 2017 is dedicated to: Food Quality and Safety, Health and Nutrition (see: http://keyevent.org/). 

This International Congress is the biggest platform worldwide bringing together the scientific and expert work of human medicine and dental doctors, nutritionists, food technologists and engineers at the same place to gain comprehensive insight and understanding of today's food quality, safety, health, and nutrition issues fro their perspective. 

This Congress is organized in cooperation with: European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), Dental Chamber of Macedonia and Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI). 

- NUTRICON 2017 and participation is in process ofaccreditation by   Dental Medicine Chamber. This points for active and passive participants are valid for all doctors and dentists in the countries which have agreements with above mentioned chambers. 

Abstract submission is OPENED. Second deadline for Abstract submission is 15th May; Third deadline is 31 May and the Fourth is 15 June 2017. 
Abstract submission rules and form are available at: http://www.keyevent.org/nutricon_call_for_papers. 

The target of this Conference includes the following topics:

1 Food Ingredients, Food Structure, Additives, Supplements, Fortification
2 Food Production, Engineering, Processing and Sustainability
3 Food Analysis, Food Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Sensory Sciences
4 Food Quality and Safety
5 Microbiological, Chemical, Physical Hazards
6 Risk analysis (Assessment, Characterization, Management, Communication)
7 Food Biotechnology, Novel Bio-products, Functional Foods
8 Consumers (Behavior, Preferences, etc.)
9 Food Chain Management
10 International Programs and Projects
11 Education, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer
12 Hygienic Engineering and Design
13 Nutritional Biochemistry (Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, etc.)
14 Nutritional Physiology (Energy Metabolism, Immune Function, Cognition and Nutrition, Nutrition and Aging, Nutrigenomics, Others)
15 Clinical Health and Nutrition (NCDs/Chronic Diseases, Obesity & Weight Management, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer, PEM/Malnutrition, etc.)
16 Health and Nutritional Epidemiology (Diet/Nutritional Assessment, Malnutrition, Maternal and Child Nutrition, NCDs and Nutrition, Nutrition and Aging, Diet and Lifestyle, etc.)
17 Public Health and Nutrition (Health and Nutrition Policy, Scaling-up Nutrition, Food and Nutrition Security, Health Disparities and Nutrition, Disaster and Nutrition, Others)
18 Public health, Nutrition, Chronic diseases (Diet in Cancer, Cardiovascular, Neurodegenerative diseases etc., Prevention by Nutrition and After Treatment Nutrition)
19 Nutritional Education related to Health Issues
20 Nutritional influences on Cranio-facial development, Oral Cancer and Oral Infectious Diseases
21 Oral Diseases and Quality of Life (Childhood through to Old Age)
22 Orthodontics and Nutrition & Health
23 Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and Oral Hygiene
24 Oral/Dental Health and Nutrition (Mouth and Teeth Diseases)
25 Nutritional Education related to Oral Health Issues
26 Food labeling and Nutrition& Health claims (national, international and global harmonization)
27 Nutrition Guidelines, Regulations and Legislation (differences and harmonization)
28 Harmonization of Education for Nutritional Health and Training Standards
29 Malnutrition in particular Micronutrient deficiency (poor or under-nutrition, over-nutrition etc.).
30 Healthy Nutrition (Bio-functional Nutrition)
31 Dietary (therapeutically) Nutrition and Diet Supplements
32 Anti-aging Nutrition
33 Nutrition for Collectivities (Mass catering) and Special Needs Groups (Sports, Vegan, Religious, etc.)

NUTRICON 2017 participants can be:
1. Only listeners
2. Аuthors (see below)
3. Exhibitors (see on: http://keyevent.org/Sponsors-Exhibitors).

Abstract submission rules are displayed at: http://www.keyevent.org/nutricon_call_for_papers (Guidelines for Abstract Submission). All Authors should place their Abstracts at the bottom of the same web page in the Abstract submission form.
You can also send your abstracts on: contact@key.com.mk.

Authors should indicate weather the Abstract is intended for:
a) Only Abstract; b) Poster or c) Full paper.

Congress fees can be seen at: http://www.keyevent.org/Nutricon-Registration-Accomodation-Payment. 

We look forward to seeing you at the NUTRICON 2017 Congress, with hope that you will enjoy in Macedonian hospitality, national beauties, our tradition, culture and lifestyle.