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OMT Kaltenborn-Evjent Concept

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to an educational course in Orthopedic Manual Therapy according to the concept of KlatenbornEventi, Module 1 - Lower extremities, organized by the Association of Physiotherapists of the Republic of Macedonia, which will be held for the first time in our country.


MANUAL THERAPY–Kaltenborn Evjent Concept

Module 1 - Lower extremities

Date: 27.06 - 30.06. 2020

Duration: 4 days

Total: 32 hours

Instructor:Matthias Burkert, PT, OMT Instruktor,Germany, www.dgomt.de/kursleiter

Course Description: The MT course consists of 6 modules, (260 hours), after which a final exam will be taken.

Course content:

Introduction to Manual Therapy - CaltenburnEventient Concept.

Differential diagnostics of the osteomuscular leg system.

Therapy in osteomuscularsystem disorders of the legs (feet, knees and hips).

Six day practical work and application of manual techniques.

Patient demonstration, review, treatment plan and therapy.

Analyze and discuss with the instructor about diagnostics and therapy applied to patients.

Course rules:

The MT course consists of 6 modules, (260 hours), after which a final exam will be taken. After the completion of each module, the participants of the course acquire the Certificate of successful completion of the course, and after successful passing the final exam, they obtain an internationally recognized Diploma for Manual Therapist. www.dgomt.de/mt

Participants: physiotherapists, kinesiologists, kinesiologists, doctors in medicine, physiatrists, specialty orthopedists-traumatologists, sports trainers.

Prerequisites for participants: Pre-preparation and restoration of the kinesiology and biomechanics of the lower extremities, osteomuscular system, for better active participation in the course.

Language: English

Translation: Macedonian

Number of participants: Restricted

Application for participants till: May 25, 2020

Registration and information:mob.tel: ++389 76 421 797AleksandarDimitrovski

                mob.tel: ++389 70 338 754SnezhanaLazarevska

Price:400 euros for members of the APTM

            500 euros for other participants

Fee payment have to be paid to the bank account at:

Association of Physiotherapists of the Republic of Macedonia

Bank account: 300000000620448

Bank depositor: Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje.

For payments from abroad

Association of Physical Therapists of Republic of Macedonia

Komercijalnabanka AD Skopje

IBAN MK07300701001110714


Schematic overview of OMT course:

area    contraction    days    units

Lower extremity    UEX    6 days    52 UE

Upper limb    OEX    6 days    52 UE

MT theory        2 days    16 lessons

Lower spine    UWS    6 days    52 UE

Upper spine    OWS    6 days    52 UE

Rehabilitation training

KG device recognized    4 days    40 UE

MT certificate examination

with optional 4-day refresher course