Hosted by: Ram Alsaman - New Earth Integration

Saturday, Sept 19 at 16:00h - Sept 23 at 16:00h

This year

Rallenweg, 13505 Berlin, Deutschland




Welcome to the sacred circle 2!

This is an opportunity for people who are on the awakening path to get together and have a chance to experience authentic connection and deep individual and group healing using different modalities (Completion Process, Parts work (IFS), Inner child work, authentic relating, Yoga, Dynamic Meditation and more). 

During the retreat you will have a chance to enjoy:
⭐ Sharing circles
⭐ Circling and Authentic Relating
⭐ Internal family systems / parts work
⭐ Completion process from Teal Swan (with certified practitioners)
⭐ Individual or Group healing sessions (completion process, parts works energy healing, etc) 
⭐ Shamanic healing
⭐ Breath work
⭐ Dance, Music, Yoga & movement
⭐ Meditation
⭐ Cacao ceremony
⭐ Fire ceremony 
⭐ An evening for our inner children 
⭐ Safe bubble for cuddle 
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ And much more...

We invite you to bring your authentic self with all your aspects, emotions and an open heart to connect with like-minded people. Together we create an environment of deep interpersonal connection and vulnerability.

Besides shadow work, the program will consist of workshops ranging from tantra to movement meditation, cacao ceremony, fire circle, and ecstatic dance and much more. This is a space for co-creation and therefore we welcome you to offer your knowledge and experience in the form of a workshop*.

We will have a group of Completion Process practitioners (certified by Teal Swan) who will be facilitating individual healing sessions.

The goal of this retreat is to create a healing environment where we all support each other’s processes and ultimately, to form a conscious family that lasts beyond the retreat.

The methods used in this retreat are especially inspired by (but not limited to) Teal Swan, Eckhart Tolle, Osho, and others. 

*If you would like to offer a workshop as part of the program, contact Miia Kuronen either at [email protected] or by WhatsApp: +49 157 3695 9798

More details regarding program and organization will be announced later 

Mark going to the event :) <3 And get your ticket here:

Total Cost: 244 - 364 € 

Vegan food and accommodation for 5 days:
95,- For tent (bring your own)
165,- For shared room
(to be paid cash upon arrival at the event.)

Regular ticket 199 € 

Discounted tickets 149 € *
For students & unemployed. 
Number of tickets is limited. 

* We also kindly ask you if you don’t need the discount (for example you are a student but have support from your family or partner, or you are unemployed but you have some savings or above the average unemployment support) to keep the discounted ticket for the people who need it the most.

(Please consider that this ticket price is not sustainable for us as organizers and we wish to offer this option to only those who otherwise cannot join.)

We have a strong desire that everyone who wants to join can participate in our events, so if you can’t afford to pay these ticket prices, please do contact us, we offer volunteer options.

We also appreciate your support in the form of donations so we can keep those retreats affordable for everyone.
you can send your donation to https://www.paypal.me/RamAlsaman

** Online payment fee is about 3.5 %, you can avoid it by using bank transfer

The venue is at an amazingly beautiful location on the edge of Berlin (the same location of the first Teal Tribe Completion process gathering). It is a simple building surrounded by nature, beautiful forests, and a lake. It has an extensive 8.000 m2 of land, a playground, and much more to honor our inner children. 

Rallenweg 4, 13505 Berlin
Free parking places are available.

By public transportation use google maps.
Access by public transportation:
• One hour from Tegel Airport (A,B transportation ticket)
• One hour and 20 mins from Schoenefeld Airport (A,B,C transportation ticket)
• One hour and 10 mins from Berlin bus station (A,B transportation ticket)

This retreat is organized independently by Ram Alsaman with the core circle ** and is NOT in affiliation with Teal Swan’s organization “Teal’s Eye” Or teal tribe (or any other spiritual groups or teachers).

**The Core Circle: 
Ram Alsaman https://RamAlsaman.com/
Miia Kuronen https://Mango-Island.com/
Anelia Mitova - http://authenticelement.com/

More info pictures and testimonials here 
With Love 
Ram, Miia and Anelia