Hosted by: Oliver Klostermann

Thursday, April 9 at 22:00h - 09:00h

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Hello Sweetshearts,

let's not lie to ourself. The commercialization of our beloved culture is complete. Clubs are dying, Instagram-DJs are famous and raving is in the all seeing eye of big corporations. Money rules the world, thus money rules the dance floor.

It does not have to be like that tough! @[101987988044051:274:Dancing Helps, Baby] is a nonprofit dance extravaganza, bringing some of Berlins finest underground artists together for a good cause! 

All dj-fees, entrance fees and profit from auctioned art will be donated 💕

This time we are supporting our little friend Finn (2) in Manila, who is a very sick little baby boy with meningitis, a terrible illness that can end up in death and who is in dire need of medication. 

Let's stop making rich people richer and let's dance to give a child the chance of living a normal life! 

Let love rule the rave again, not greed!

Rave = ❤️
Rave ≠ 💰

More infos, line-up and featured artists to be announced soon...