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Thursday, May 28 at 19:00h - May 30 at 16:00h

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florastraße 61, 13187 Berlin




Global Swarming -Theoretical Fun 

Residency Programm: 26 – 30. May
Exhibition with Open Studio: 28 – 30, May

Thur. 28.May
14 – 15hr / Workshop: Swarming Exercise DIY 
16 – 17hr / Virtual Workshop: SWARM Mind 
19 – 22hr / Vernissage

Fri. 29. May 13 – 19 hr
Sat. 30. May 11 – 16 hr

Florastr. 61, 13187 Berlin 

Online Presentation 
The virtual show is now on view! Please check the links below.


ANDPRESS collective will occupy the gallery at Einbuch.haus from May 25-30, 2020 for our first show addressing individual and collective authorship and ways of working. Using an open, playful, experimental process, the theme of swarming will be explored and result in a publication and exhibition, expanding the page to space and vice versa.

Swarming is a collective behaviour exhibited by entities which gather together and synchronise their activity towards a common intention without any central coordination involved. It triggers interdisciplinary approaches connecting sociological, biological, mathematical, philosophical and artistic perspectives.

What can we learn from this phenomenon in order to address group dynamics in collaborative (artistic) processes? And which possibilities does the medium of the book and its production techniques and materials open to reflect such processes? Drawing from our diverse tool-boxes of individual creative methods, our research process will become the material itself for our exhibition and publication. Together, we hope to challenge ideas of hierarchy, authorship, coordination, dependency and group intelligence. And have some theoretical fun along the way.

Participating artists
Christine Cheung, Sarah Duby, Kuo-Wei Lin, Chien-Wei Liu, Eleni Mouzourou, Elisa Purfürst, Agnes Tam, Ting Tsou.

ANDPRESS is an artist run self-publishing collective based in Berlin and Kyoto. We created ANDPRESS out of the desire to support the production, publication and distribution of printed matter and paper-based work with others in a community setting.

Our platform brings together people with diverse artistic practices, working experimentally in the visual arts, design, performance etc. We aspire to build synergies based on mutually supportive relationships enabling us to collaborate through shared material and intellectual resources.

We focus on artistic approaches to book-making. A large part of our interest lies in the awareness of materiality and in a playful exploration of the medium’s possibilities. We engage in a broader understanding of the medium which challenges categorization in distinct book types and genres and welcomes hybrid forms.

ANDPRESS is initiated by Aki Makita and Eleni Mouzourou.

Christine Cheung, Sarah Duby, Anna Gestering, Kuo-Wei Lin, Chien-Wei Liu, Aki Makita, Marialena Marouda, Eleni Mouzourou, Elisa Purfürst, Agnes Tam, Ting Tsou.

einBuch.haus plays a role in showcasing experimental books in the field of arts and design. Following the name, each event offers viewers to read and buy only one selected art book offline or online. Since the platform’s foundation on 12. Sep 2018, twelve books have been presented in einBuch.haus.

einBuch.haus considers books as art objects which can be 
curated and presented in exhibition formats, providing immersive experience between people, objects and spaces.


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