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Today we commemorate 80 years since the deportation of 7,144 Macedonian Jews to the Treblinka death camp. We pay tribute to their memory and to all victims of the Holocaust. Antisemitism and Holocaust denial have no place in modern society.
#WeRemember https://t.co/lAkCWz8c3E
After a day of intensive negotiations, a few moments to enjoy Ohrid's natural & cultural beauty before returning to Brussels. Thank you 🇲🇰. https://t.co/8iMEHj0U16
🇪🇺 has provided €80 million to help citizens of 🇲🇰 cope with rising energy costs, following Russia's war on Ukraine. 1/2 https://t.co/aJJcpolgcj
On #InternationalWomenDay we celebrate all women who pursue equality, who fight stereotypes, break barriers & follow their dreams. Delighted to honour them with an exhibition ‘The Future is Female’ which portrays the stories of 12 outstanding women. East Gate Mall- until 8 April. https://t.co/8Hc0qeggNg
Today's #WorldPoetryDay also marks the centenary of Aco Shopov's birth, one of the most significant Macedonian poets. His work is honoured today at the seat of UNESCO in Paris. https://t.co/sHPixLGMwU
World Water Day 2023: building a Wastewater Treatment Plant for Skopje. Thanks to a grant of €72.7 million & loans from Team Europe, the water used by some 1/3rd of the population of 🇲🇰 will now be safe & clean. Improving living standards – making a difference.
#TeamEurope 🇪🇺 https://t.co/qVNWh4wq8K
Delighted to welcome HR/VP @JosepBorrellF together with Commissioner @OliverVarhelyi to 🇲🇰 for the 🇪🇺 EU-North Macedonia Stabilisation and Association Council – to be held for the very first time in Skopje. https://t.co/MO0X52JPjm
T/ EU Delegation to North Macedonia marks 25 years today! Delighted that President Pendarovski joined our celebration. Many shared memories.Huge thanks to all our staff for their lasting commitment to t/ EU future of the country & for their team work day after day over many years https://t.co/ZIzWk1CEu1
Young Macedonian diplomats were the honoured guests of the Political and Communication team at EUDEL. With MFA SoS Tosevski we took a closer look at the political and outreach work of EUDEL and explored cooperation options between EUDEL and 🇲🇰 diplomatic service. https://t.co/fBAtceXL9v
Congratulations to 🇲🇰 on the third anniversary of its accession to NATO. Pleased to join State & international partners to mark this occasion & stand shoulder to shoulder with 🇺🇦. https://t.co/vHPvHDQTns
We are helping protect the most vulnerable, supporting schools & hospitals, helping small enterprises ensure production of basic foods. Making a practical difference in daily lives.

This is just one part of 🇪🇺 wider support for 🇲🇰 green energy transition. 2/2 https://t.co/0P75Cn3evG
How can civil society best contribute to EU integration in 🇲🇰 ? What model best suits? Pleased to join discussions today with government & civil society - essential players in the process of 🇪🇺 accession. https://t.co/qCQEOjL9mt
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