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The govt of #Bulgaria has adopted a declaration stating they never invaded the territory of today's #NorthMacedonia during WWII. Shameful and disgraceful. Obv the current govt learned nothing from the idea of the European project. https://t.co/ffjQiJPCWX
So, to sum it up. Fuck you, President #Macron. I know I'll get the chance to say it to your face one day.
[Thread] Here's my 2 pennies on the current EU debacle vis-a-vis enlargement (or should I say "the French-induced debacle"?)
And then there are those Serbs living abroad who recommend including Handke's work as compulsory literature for high school students in Serbia. Because there "haven't been many people in history that have been on the side of Serbia". Despicable, sad and worrisome. https://t.co/80xmv6eljE
Let's be clear about one thing: Regardless of individual countries' strategic mistakes, the #EuropeanUnion is the best political idea that humans have come up with since Athenian democracy. The idea must live on, in the #WesternBalkans, as well as elsewhere.
(1/2) Твитер свету: Последниве месеци истражував за врската меѓу влади, меѓ. односи и разузнавачки софтвери од приватни фирми користени против активисти и новинари. Темата е многу битна и вознемирувачка. Бидејќи секогаш е добро да се сподели знаење...
As someone that holds a degree from the same Alma mater as #Macron and is a European Federalist (even if not a citizen of the EU), fuck you and you politics, President Macron. (Pardon my French, pun intended.)
(2/2) Дали некој сака да организираме јавна дискусија/предавање/настан во Македонија во јануари на темава? Јас носам фришки информации и анализи, во замена за логистика. (Ако после предавањето ви се чини дека телефонот ве прислушкува, јас не сум крива! :))
We were wiretapped, followed, intimidated, threatened, we lost friends and family to the fight, but we fought for something bigger than us. We fought for our right to decide for ourselves and be a democracy.
And yet, Mr. #Macron, you somehow have the face to tell us that we can't even start the process of negotiations? Reform of the process, whatever bullshit you mastered? (Pardon my French)
However, in today's Europe, the people that fought, tooth and nail, for rebuilding from the ashes the little dignity and democracy they had, were people like us, in N. Macedonia, in that distant southeast corner of Europe.
I know people who, if they were to be born in France instead of N. Macedonia, would have had very different lives. But they didn't knock on your doors and beg for mercy. They stayed and gave their EVERYTHING for the communities right where they belonged.
What you did is despicable and I'm certain that history will judge you accordingly. When I studied French history, I was always puzzled by CDG ridiculous politics towards the EC, and especially the UK. But now when I think abt it, it must be something in your water.
This govt has powered through walls and Balkan histories to prove its dedication to the values. I, alongside many other descendents of refugees from Northern Greece, have publicly worked on and supported what we saw as the best deal for the future of our country.
I see that's something has been lost in translation... To all the chauvinist, nationalist, mysogynist accounts defending ethnic cleansing and genocide by threatening me with rape and sexual harassment: I'm very good at reporting. And I'll do it until you're blocked. Bring it on.
Who are you to tell us that we are not ready when we are more fucking European than you and your entire government together? (Pardon my French)
On Oct 2nd, I'm moderating a discussion at @nyuniversity co-organized with @YPFPNY on US FP at the UN and its effects on women's rights around the world. (If you happen to know Nikki Haley's successor w/o googling, you get to show off at the event.) https://t.co/EFjHQ8tNPG
It was us, born in 1991, alongside those that saw the fall of communism and those that didnt have the right to vote yet that took to the streets for YEARS, fighting for ideals, not that different than those of the French revolution or D-day or the ECSC.
Neither you, nor the French have had to fight and wrestle back your state from criminals and fascists since 1945.
You think the UK is crazy for dreaming of its long-lost empire status and coming up with Brexit? Look at yourself and check how orientalist/neo-colonialist your policies are. Not that the French have ever been good at self-evaluation...
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