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A photo of a #lynx in #NorthMacedonia, taken as part of a project to bring them back from the brink of extinction. https://t.co/y4tXLdtwH6
Disappointing decision by @EUCouncil on #NorthMacedonia and #Albania. As many times before, the #EU has shown how short-sighted it is. It still pains me every day to see an idea with so much potential being reduced to mediocre political games and beauracratic language.
We are fortunate beyond belief to have a Minister of Foreign policy like @Dimitrov_Nikola, who keeps his enthusiasm in moments like this. I know that 40 years from now, I'll be telling some ignorant 20-something year olds of how important he was for #NorthMacedonia. https://t.co/zE1qDW0lx4
Realistically speaking, the #EU has the potential of being one of the top 3 players (if not top) in the world and set standards and implement values and norms at an unprecedented scale. Instead, it fails to maintain even a semblance of norms in its closest neighborhood.
As someone that moved to (Bosnia and) Herzegovina as a child (after the war) to study at #uwcim and returned years later to work on fighting hate speech and hate crimes, I must say, I absolutely hate this day. (A thread)
A MUST READ on a terrifying and highly problematic prospect. The use of technology could cement the autocratic regime in #Serbia for decades to come.
Оти сите мислат оти разбираат геополитика, затоа сме тука кај сме.
(Не знам дали ќе забележите, ама луѓето што со години изучуваат меѓ. односи и геополитика, најтивки се во "скандалов".)
For years now, looking at the EU from the perspective of the #WesternBalkans, I am appalled at how the EU (and its citizens and politicians) are taking it for granted. When it's not.
The lack of vision is painful. #Monnet is having a horrible afterlife.
Whenever July comes around, I feel this inexplicable rage and shame and sadness. I deplore and hate from the bottom of the heart the politicians and military leaders that put in motion the events that led to this.
Bear cubs in #NorthMacedonia, caught by the same cameras as the #lynx. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but it's encouraging to see these young ones.
Remember 'Bare Necessities'? https://t.co/eC6v1r4Ywd
That's why I will never stop fighting nationalism. I will never stop being disgusted by nationalism, because I know what nationalism looks like when given free reign. I will never stop using all of my knowledge and skills to stop any and every form of nationalism.
A Serbian citizen tweeted of her visit to #Srebrenica. The reactions are horrifying: Referencing Serbian victims killed during the wars in Bosnia, Kosovo and WWII. Consequence of the public narrative since 1989: Everything is justified because it was already done to us (Serbs). https://t.co/ObCxN8OpBE
It's a precedent. And it will have serious implications for whatever is left of the transatlantic partnership. But even more importantly, the parting of ways of Europe&the US will benefit ONLY authoritarian regimes that have long tried to push back against human rights. https://t.co/vFtwuMHXR8
A great visual representation of the ridiculous state of affairs. Some turn their backs, others are sitting, few are plainly confused. Instead of rowing together in the same direction to make the EU a true global player, MEPs seem lost at their purpose. Shameful. https://t.co/D5wpxfHzC8
These "arguments" are insane, inhumane, and illogical. Unless the US is planning to proudly align itself with countries across the world it had criticized for decades, it has to stop this now. https://t.co/RgjbW1pvLZ
Математика од петто по старо. https://t.co/19DLVKxbWt
Policy differences aside, I love this.
(Also, disappointing it happened on the conservative side first.) https://t.co/8BDSGUbmqy
I recently started rewatching The Death of Yugoslavia with a classmate from NYU, as an intro into Balkan history. I thought, at this age, from this perspective, it'll be easier. It's not. I still feel the need to spit on the TV everytime nationalist leaders come on to spread lies
The truth about the Holocaust in Bulgaria lies in the territorial expansion and legal measures implemented long before the first train left for Treblinka. A truth that is yet to be publicly acknowledged. https://t.co/DRNwek05ke
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