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Браво за Медена земја👏 Прекрасен филм, заслужени номинации. Им посакувам Оскар🇲🇰 @HoneylandDoc #MedenaZemja #Honeyland https://t.co/MlwFYMhZNY
My interview for the local edition of The Economist- World in 2020. The UK continues to support North Macedonia in its Euro-Atlantic integration. https://t.co/KQQUwEsBWD
Многу љубов, доволно оптимизам и топол чај. Мојот прв ден во Јануари. Ви посакувам Среќна Нова година... https://t.co/7hi4GqM2kd
I opened the third cycle of our 🇬🇧 funded project 21st Century schools this morning. Coding, critical thinking and skills for the future. It is our responsibility to develop children for the world they live in @mkBritish #21stcenturyschools #EducationisGREAT https://t.co/l2Q2cVMY3o
Great to see these Macedonian language lessons in action. Морам да учам повеќе. https://t.co/Ew642eGtoG
My main message during the “Open Justice” event today: Transparency and openness in the justice sector are vital. They strengthen professionalism, accountability and judicial ethics. The rule of law remains at the core of 🇬🇧 programme assistance. @cpia_clra https://t.co/Lx13waOrOI
Proud to be working with schools across 🇲🇰 in partnership with @UNICEFMK https://t.co/IkpflTsU1p
A Macedonian #BurnsNight2020 with #haggis #shirden and #whisky. 🇲🇰🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 https://t.co/S9SzHdRvRg
International day of remembering the holocaust. I had the honour to open the exhibit “Ceќавање на холокаустот-никогаш да не се повтори”. 50 students worked to remember this tragic event. I hope this will encourage them to fight against any form of discrimination #WeRemember https://t.co/OcqjSM3YGd
Good discussion today with the Prime Minister of the new technical government Mr Spasovski. I stressed that North Macedonia remains on a good track to Euro-Atlantic integration. All parties in this government should continue the reform agenda to keep the country on the right path
This is my French Resistance copy of The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck. Published in 1942, it was banned by the Nazis, but the Resistance translated it and passed it between them to remember the power of the human spirit even under occupation. #WeRemember https://t.co/2FS49Wk5ie
Such sad news. We were lucky enough to celebrate the Pythons in Skopje in November at #CineDays when we learned all about Смислата на Животот. @mkBritish https://t.co/MqZjaOfpAx
Good to see Macedonian Ministers in London as part of the Education World Forum. Lots more to do together to improve education standards and digital skills. 🇲🇰🇬🇧 https://t.co/4CLFxWCG7D
I am pleased that the new Law on Youth Participation and Youth policies was adopted. Good implementation will increase youth participation and engagement which is vital for society.
As we commemorate the victims of the holocaust today, it is important to remember that they were all people with their own stories. #WeRemember https://t.co/KcN2cpnIVr
Excited to see the latest #ThisGirlCan advert for their 5th anniversary. Looking forward to working with @TAKTngo to support Women in Sport in🇲🇰in 2020. And to see if I can get fit enough to manage the Skopje Whizz Air run this year. https://t.co/OylCVIiQ3n
Good conversation with Chairman of the @NATO Military Committee Air Chief Marshall Sir Stuart Peach visiting to discuss progress towards full NATO membership. Lots done, still more to do including adopting the new Defence Law. #WeareNATO https://t.co/3V5E5psXYs
@a_miovska @MFA_MKD @MKembassyUK Среќна нова година!
@mcpete I’m afraid I don’t have a date yet but I will let people know as soon as we can complete. In the meantime there will be no changes given the withdrawal agreement.
@lokiskopje Thank you. And to you!!
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