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On August 23 1989, about 2 million people from #Latvia, #Estonia, and #Lithuania formed a human chain that united all 3 countries to show the world their desire to escape the #SovietUnion and the communism that brought only suffering and poverty.
This chain stretched for 600 km https://t.co/7lbgbsuDva
Ukrainian warriors never leave no one hungry 🐈🇺🇦

#UkraineWillWin https://t.co/ZBla1slM4e
Georgian fighter #Dvalishvili defeated #russian Petr Yan in a UFC fight and shouted: "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Georgia!!"

#Russian orc meanly hit the Georgian before the fight started, but then Dvalishvili piled him in a fair fight.

#GloryToGeorgia https://t.co/XXwPY0N7Wv
🇺🇦 The flag of Ukraine has already been installed on the British AS-90 self-propelled howitzers during field exercises in #GreatBritain

Soon 33 of them will be transferred to Ukraine.

#RussiaIsCollapsing https://t.co/8hLYJHsgB1
#SBU detained two women from #Kramatorsk who were passing information to the Russians about the positions of Ukrainian troops near #Bakhmut
One of them is active nurse of a combat unit of the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.The women were arrested.
#Traitors https://t.co/1hjDtVuaGG
#Japanese MP's bought 20 pickup trucks for the Armed Forces from their salaries 👏👏
The ambassador of Ukraine to Japan stated that Ukraine has the full support of the Japanese parliament, with the exception of one or two deputies.

#UkraineWillWin https://t.co/L9YS3Do6LQ
Soviet era style propaganda !!!
How much bs can #Russian citizens actually swallow?? 🤦‍♀️

#RussiaisATerroistState https://t.co/B1nW1D8tIc
#Russia is destroying the life of every living being in Ukraine.

The hedgehog got into an abandoned trench, from which he could not get out on his own.

Luckily ukrainian defenders found him and get him out 🦔🇺🇦

#RussiaisATerroistState https://t.co/CiOxrLdMh2
#Germany announced the transfer to #Ukraine of 13 Biber tank bridge-builders which are used by the troops to force various obstacles
#ArmUkraineNow https://t.co/jc8xTvwJ4M
The second army in the world transports their soldiers like they are livestock 😁

#UkraineWillWin https://t.co/PSyEfGg3sU
A volunteer soldier from #NewZealand storms a #Russian position and detains a man in the basement. In few seconds the detainee recognizes him and shouts "New Zealand"? It turns out that this is a Ukrainian friend who was held captive by the Russians for months
#UkraineWillWin 🇺🇦 https://t.co/r5lH21LEjg
Russian Su-24 disappears from the radar over Bakhmut.
Today, fighters of the 93rd brigade shot down a #RussianSu24 front-line bomber in the #Bakhmut area. 💪🇺🇦

#RussiaIsCollapsing https://t.co/KvtEnGQPFt
Protests in #Tbilisi increasingly resemble Ukrainian #Maidan.

Authorities use the same brutal methods of repression, maiming peaceful citizens.

Let's pray #Georgians will win back their freedom from Russian cancer.
#RussiaIsATerroristState https://t.co/jIwURkUxn4
Ukrainian children who are destined to experience the horrors of war still have a smile on their faces ❤️

#Russia and #Putin have stolen their childhood
and they must be held accountable, together with anyone who supports them

#PutinIsaWarCriminal https://t.co/AUmCDSODnP
“God told me that Zelensky would become president, therefore he should not offend our Lavra, but protect it,” the FSB priests refuse to move out of the Lavra and wrote down an appeal to Zelensky.
"They don't want to leave the Lavra at all."

#RussianCollaborators https://t.co/5SMUGaKg5Z
Klavdia #Ivanovna ❤️
Such people are the real heroes who will bring victory to #Ukraine
She should be awarded the Order of Courage!
A true patriot, a woman with a big heart.
May God protect her.
#UkraineWillWin https://t.co/c5pvhU5Wrt
Residents of the #Mariupol recognized and identified the woman in the video who thanked #Putin for "victory"

The #traitor's name is Iryna Volosatova. Woman has always been a fan of the "Russian world" and expressed dissatisfaction with life in Ukraine

#RussianCollaborators https://t.co/eaAY5bilqS
The moment when the #russian attack helicopter Ka-52 Alligator was shot down.
Location and date unknown.

#RussiaIsCollapsing https://t.co/SrVI8lrugh
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