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Честит Божиќ, пријатели! https://t.co/E7h06JzfdK
On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we honor the 6 million Jews and millions of others the Nazis and their accomplices murdered. #WeRemember #NeverAgain #HMD2023 https://t.co/M2HGSaESUd
A great pleasure to meet Archbishop Stefan today to discuss current issues, religious freedom, and the cooperation between religious communities in the country. Pleased to hear about the progress towards full recognition of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric. https://t.co/3RtiLnN4OI
Just spent a few productive and delicious hours in Gostivar. Had a fascinating, lively discussion with youth and civil society leaders on important issues for North Macedonia, our partnership, and our future together. https://t.co/MfQz2VSMux
Congratulations to @VladaMK and FM @Bujar_O on U.S-Adriatic Charter and OSCE chairmanship in 2023. Confident that North Macedonia will excel in leading these two organizations which are exceptionally important to fostering security and stability in Europe https://t.co/6RT5Husl93
What a pleasure to visit Heraclea, a beautiful #AFCP site, and the State Archive in Bitola with the Minister of Culture. Fascinating lunch & lively conversation with female politicians. Inspired by all those I’ve met today who work everyday to bring about the changes 🇲🇰 seeks. https://t.co/l4E5FgM1hs
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