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Congratulations to North Macedonia for adopting the Law on the Prevention & Protection Against Discrimination. Human rights are universal and every individual, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, is entitled to the same fundamental freedoms.
To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence the Embassy building is lit in orange. #OrangetheWorld #16Days https://t.co/j9sq9q9MMM
Great discussions at the #MEF2020MK yesterday organized by @ZipInstitute that included a participation by @USAmbNMacedonia, @EnergyAtState A/S Francis R Fannon, PM @Zoran_Zaev, and energy sector stakeholders. Ambassador Byrnes opening remarks 👉https://t.co/xUj9drYcTQ. https://t.co/M39YhOefZB
In an interview for Telma, TV Ambassador Byrnes spoke about U.S. - North Macedonia relations, the current political situation and the EU accession process, U.S. elections and more. You can watch the full interview 👉https://t.co/79pTAYmZkG. https://t.co/tldD2LiJhB
On November 10 we celebrated the Marine Corps' Birthday including their traditional cake cutting ceremony. Sharing with you some footage from this year's event. https://t.co/BiKwnByaPQ
We join the call of health workers who are on the frontline fighting the #COVID19 pandemic and ask everyone to do their part in supporting them - wear a mask, keep your distance, and respect protective measures. https://t.co/JLiiczrfDr
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