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From all of us at the U.S. Embassy in Skopje - Честит Божиќ to everyone celebrating! https://t.co/TF0JMBYQO6
[email protected] met w/ @DKovachevski & key ministers & reaffirmed the strength of the 🇺🇸 - 🇲🇰 partnership. He congratulated the @vladamk’s OSCE chairpersonship & underscored the significance of the undertaking during a pivotal moment in European security. https://t.co/erFaDozpA8 https://t.co/YcWJbdCNXr
Every year, our 🇺🇸 #Marines deliver gifts, smiles and joy to less fortunate children in 🇲🇰 to spread love and hope during the holiday season. Today we spent time with the kids from the SOS Children’s Village in Skopje. #ToysForTots @USMC #DeliveringHopeSince1947 https://t.co/d08JLfwv1U
[email protected]: Ukrainians are fighting an age-old battle against aggression and domination. It’s a battle Americans have fought proudly time and again, and it’s a battle we’re going to make sure the Ukrainians are well equipped to fight as well. https://t.co/5ADfg2E5ZJ
As #BlackHistoryMonth begins, we honor the dedication of Black Americans to the United States, diplomacy, & a more peaceful world. This February, and every month, we recognize their legacies, sacrifices, and resilience in working to end racial injustice. 👉https://t.co/4z7JbwD4vm https://t.co/JroFZ3nj34
The #YTILI2024 Fellowship Program application is now open! Join the 300+ #YTILIalumni who have bolstered their entrepreneurial skills & expanded their professional networks with business leaders across Europe & the U.S. through the program. 👉 https://t.co/AJpsPb7a4W https://t.co/yy3xRW3e9X
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