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To the people of #Ukraine. You are not alone. #OSCE2023
@DmytroKuleba https://t.co/TUeqT3YvNf
One day the war will end and the houses will be rebuild. But the people of Ukraine deserve more, they deserve justice. https://t.co/5ljSfWx9ZB
📍@MFA_MKD illuminated in #Ukrainian colors 👉 1️⃣ year since #Russian full scale invasion of #Ukraine

🔵 Expressing solidarity & support; praising the heroic resistance of #Ukrainians

🟡 We stand #UnitedWithUkraine in the fight for freedom & shared values 🇺🇦🤝🇲🇰

@DmytroKuleba https://t.co/wHZeYwb0PQ https://t.co/BDDmCUZzkw
We must do our utmost to ensure access to justice for the victims of human rights violations in #Ukraine and the crimes committed in this senseless aggression. https://t.co/24K1dmKja8
One year ago, the unthinkable happened, a war of aggression in Europe. The international community, embodied in the United Nations, can’t afford that this gross violation of all norms and principles goes without response. Part of my speech at #UNGA today. https://t.co/IkIyftr44n
Congratulations to 🇽🇰&🇷🇸 on reaching an agreement! And to @MiroslavLajcak & DAS #Escobar for their valuable efforts! It's a day to remember for both countries, but also for the region’s European future and its democratic consolidation.
Glad that 🇲🇰 hosted today’s historic talks.
We fully support the investigation launched by the ICC Prosecutor aimed at looking into war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in #Ukraine, as well as ICJ's provisional measures ordering Russia to suspend military operations immediately. #UNSC #OpenDebate https://t.co/Jbi9yOz0PW
Congratulations FM Nikolay #Milkov on Bulgaria’s National Day. I wish you and the people of #Bulgaria a continued prosperity and success. Convinced that 🇲🇰 & 🇧🇬 relations could be further strengthened, in the spirit of European values and good-neighborliness.
Great discussion with our #diaspora in NY & NJ. Appreciation for their valuable efforts in connecting 🇲🇰&🇺🇸 and promoting our interests abroad. Its dedication and success are an inspiration to us all.
@MFA_MKD has significantly improved its consular services.
#MFAForOurDiaspora https://t.co/kOJ94X7siy
What is at stake in Ukraine is no less than a vision of a world we want to live in: either we will secure peaceful coexistence free from menaces of war and aggression, or we will be forced to live in constant fear, instability and uncertainty. #UNGA https://t.co/ndb1iIMB21
Today I appointed my new Special Reps for Civil Society & Youth as part of #OSCE2023 🇲🇰. Congratulation to Memet Zhaku & Andrea Stojkovski on their new mandate in ensuring better promotion of these areas, which are significant in the work of all 3 @OSCE dimensions.
Productive meeting tdy w/ 🇩🇪 FM @ABaerbock.
Discussed our close bilateral coordination, shared responsibility for a push forward on the 🇪🇺 accession process of #NorthMacedonia & #WB 👉 stability & prosperity of the region and #Europe.

🇲🇰 is a committed EU candidate! https://t.co/nprINmDmR6 https://t.co/zHdTwz7c0f
💬 #NorthMacedonia 👉 reliable & constructive actor on the int'l arena by:
✅ 💯% alignment w/ 🇪🇺 CFSP
✅ deepening good neighborly relations & regional coop.
✅ strengthening int'l security as @OSCECiO
#SACouncil, held for the 1st time in #Skopje 🇲🇰❗ https://t.co/zYYzyXSuBs
Met DAS #Escobar & @MiroslavLajcak in Ohrid. Discussed the importance of reaching an agreement btw 🇽🇰 & 🇷🇸 and the valuable 🇪🇺 & 🇺🇸 assistance. The Ohrid Agreement, Treaty of Friendship and the Prespa Agreement as an example that a solution through dialogue is [email protected] https://t.co/r4xih0POLi
📍Glad to meet @DeputySecState Wendy R. #Sherman
👉 #US support within 🇲🇰 🇺🇸 #StrategicDialogue beneficial for our #EU accession talks, reform agenda, rule of law & fight against corruption.
👉 Thank you for the big support for our proactivity & priorities as #OSCECiO. https://t.co/3uzXg1ueWs
North Macedonia has been a reliable partner to the #EU and a fourth country in NATO per capita as a provider of security support for #Ukraine️. https://t.co/3x5gTfO9u5
Great meeting W/ @CounselorDOS Derek Chollet in #WashingtonDC

🎯 In focus: #OSCE2023 & #A5 CiOs; 🇲🇰🇺🇸 #StrategicDialogue 👉 results and future activities: regional dynamic and 🇪🇺 integration path of #WB
🤝 As @NATO Allies we fully support 🇺🇦 & shared democratic values https://t.co/tNE3ZhaflA
Deeply saddened by news of the tragic railway accident near #Larissa, 🇬🇷. My condolences to the families of the victims. Wishing a quick and easy recovery for the injured. We stand ready to help.
@NikosDendias @GreeceMFA
Today, we mark one year since the beginning of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine, the grimmest “anniversary” in the history of @OSCE https://t.co/6zTGJ43Fxe
📍 A chance to meet my dear friend, FM of #Poland @RauZbigniew, while waiting for the plane to #NewYork to participate in the 11th Emergency Special Session of #UNGA
✔️ Always a useful exchange of opinions on current policies especially as part of the #OSCE2023 Troika https://t.co/NfOh5e26bI
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