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“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” - Unknown
With @Zoran_Zaev and @EZaharievaMFA waiting for the arrival of @BoykoBorissov to continue building what we started exactly two years ago: Friendship! https://t.co/qIdpHol0BV
The new era provides new perspectives and I'm really happy that our friend @BoutarisIoannis, the mayor of Thessaloniki, with his policy of openness and problem solving, was part of our joint success from the very beginning. Σε ευχαριστούμε για τη φιλία σου. Καλή τύχη και υγεία! https://t.co/CdV37fxmvB
Despite the notion that the last mile is the hardest, we are determined to cross the finish line&start the walk through the chapters of irreversible positive transformation.When the goal is within reach,extra focus&strength are inevitable.Very useful exchange today in🇲🇰w/@JHahnEU https://t.co/agXoYwOjtj
Impeccable sense of timing for the visit #Reeker, as always! Only a day after @SenateForeign approved the NATO Accession Treaty & ahead of new import.achievments to be made together. 🇺🇸long term support remains essential for stability, democracy and prosperity of 🇲🇰 & the region. https://t.co/OLHiZhrkEf
Celebrating 230th Anniversary of @StateDept with @USAmbNMacedonia and the continuing friendship and close cooperation between North Macedonia and the United States of America! Happy Birthday! https://t.co/hlvEqSxZhN
Walking the walk is more important than talking the talk. Thank you dear @JeppeKofod for your warm hospitality and frank exchange! https://t.co/rjkdGHWzDE
Bidding farewell to a true friend&supporter of our country. Sweden and their ambassador in North Macedonia @matsstaf with his dedication&professionalism are a role model and an inspiration to all of us. Heartfelt wishes for prosperous and joyful future until we meet again @SweMFA https://t.co/5Bx7OnNbAU
Happy Restoration of Independence - Elagu #Eesti! 🇪🇪 May you have many more peaceful and productive years ahead! Best wishes from North Macedonia!

@MFAestonia @UrmasReinsalu https://t.co/szTDIfaQcO
About to take off to visit #Denmark for my first meeting with @DanishMFA @JeppeKofod together with my colleague @Bujar_O https://t.co/Trb2WXaE81
Skål to the continuation of the Macedonian - Danish friendship with my new colleague @JeppeKofod and @Bujar_O Friendship based on honesty and mutual understanding, where a merit based approach to the completion of Europe is of mutual benefit. https://t.co/nzs9VFr8UT
Congratulations dear @KGeorgieva for being Europe’s candidate to take over the IMF! https://t.co/TpWKZwPOXO
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