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The first ever bilateral official visit of a Greek PM to North Macedonia since our independence in 1991: Investing in the future by being on the right side of history! https://t.co/gkq0X4NTU5
Quelle tristesse de voir la cathedrale Notre-Dame en flammes! Toute notre solidarité avec le peuple français et tous les catholiques. Courage aux pompiers qui luttent pour sauver ce patrimoine mondial. #NotreDamedeParis https://t.co/TbQN0AnVUS
As @jensstoltenberg just so powerfully pointed out in his address to the U.S. Congress: It is good to have friends! https://t.co/qCM8eFxpEy
Thank you Amb. Heusgen @GermanyUN for hosting a reception in honor of UNSR Matthew Nimetz who facilitated the resolution of the name issue. It always seems impossible until it’s done! Thank you Matt, for your wisdom, patience and determination. https://t.co/tJcNsWMSha
Thank you dear @MiroslavLajcak and @PolandMFA #Czaputowicz, as well as the parliaments of Slovakia and Poland, for ratifying the accession protocol on this historic day for NATO and North Macedonia! https://t.co/xp1mzjrqBC
My interview for @kleinezeitung in Graz - North Macedonia: We have lost a whole generation https://t.co/HJqHmsgrRn
Unanimous support in the @PolskiSenat for North Macedonia’s NATO membership! Thrilled to witness the session and deeply grateful to @StKarczewski, the Marshal of the Senate, for his warm welcome and cordial words! https://t.co/cqntR0SEAp
A joint interview with my friend and colleague @gkatr for @NewsHour with @nickschifrin: What's behind Greece and North Macedonia's new friendship? https://t.co/eIVniZFYmL via @YouTube
Great pleasure to meet @akk, the leader of @CDU and for the opportunity to introduce the successful story of North Macedonia! https://t.co/CHPsxxzqD9
Developing good neighborly relations in the field of culture with @CakajGent in Washington DC #NATOAt70 #GoodNeighbors https://t.co/hMrKtKVQDy
When the interests of the people and the interests of the EU fully overlap: accountability, accountability, accountability! https://t.co/Wi4IvPUeCm
To ground an inclusive society, based on gender equality, with strong institutions & productive employment - our shared commitments with UNDP. Onwards and upwards @narine_sahakyan, Resident Representative of @UNDPMK, and success in your new role! https://t.co/jWDArvsfnJ
As a follow up to our PMs, with @gkatr we have a number of joint activities on the margins of #NATOat70 Ministerial in Washington D.C., including a special session at #NATOEngages and a joint interview.
Ein wichtiger Tag in Berlin für die 🇲🇰 europäische Perspective. Er beginnt mit einem offenen Gespräch mit @cducsubt AG Auswärtiges. Wir stellten unsere Reformleistungen vor & Erfolge als gute Nachbarn. Wir wollen diesen Weg weitergehen und diesen Erfolg gemeinsam erreichen. https://t.co/5rYqOIs7eP
Dutch creative spirit- simply wonderful! https://t.co/UNBr10Y82F
My interview for @ForeignPolicy with @RobbieGramer: It is quite a privilege to finally be around the table! https://t.co/FDjqWBJVlJ
“The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”
Attributed to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf https://t.co/1b25yMJXJ4
Recording a podcast with U.S. Army Colonel Juanita Chang, @SHAPE_NATO: NATO looked at from the perspective of the next 30th member state, North Macedonia! https://t.co/tzk8Xu4VPV
“Hands together” for our partnership with Germany and our friendship with you personally, dear @MiRo_SPD https://t.co/BvY15GwED7
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