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La República de Macedonia, en línea con sus socios europeos, apoya y considera al presidente de la Asamblea Venezolana, @jguaido como presidente interino, de acuerdo con la Constitución, para llevar a cabo unas elecciones presidenciales de manera libre, justa y democrática.
We have just exchanged the final note verbale: Prespa Agreement enters into force! May today be the beginning of a long friendship between Greece and North Macedonia. We can’t change our past, but we can and we will shape our future of friendship, partnership and cooperation.
Dear Alexis, George and Nikos,
Courage and hope defeated fear. The future is there. As Nikos often says, history should be a teacher, not a prison. I am so proud of what we did. Long live our friendship and the friendship between our nations! Long live visionary patriotism!
The Republic of Macedonia, in line with its European partners, supports and considers the President of the Venezuelan Assembly, @jguaido as Interim President, in accordance with the Constitution, in order to organize free, fair and democratic presidential elections.
We will never walk alone - again! https://t.co/QLmNeOmDx2
Writing history for a stable and prosperous future, promoting stability and common values in the Balkans and beyond. We have waited for a generation. But as Prime Minister @Zoran_Zaev would say, the bigger the challenges, the more magnificent the success. https://t.co/9XIsBuFE0P
On our way to @NATO for a rendezvous with history! https://t.co/JTBEeeXsvF
North Macedonia and Georgia just established diplomatic relations. New chapter of cooperation opens for our two countries and citizens. Let it flourish.
History in the making on the sidelines of #MSC2019 with my colleague @DZalkaliani https://t.co/SXXu6VNrlz
Happy Independence Day to our friends from Kosovo! @pacollibehgjet #GoodNeighbor https://t.co/ywFLdx6lzh
Just arrived in Munich for #MSC2019 @MunSecConf with PM @Zoran_Zaev. We bring great news from the Balkans! Looking forward to tell our story and take part in what promises to be the most relevant policy discussions on the pressing isssues our world faces today. @ischinger
Celebrating 25 years of cooperation and trust between North Macedonia and Japan! May the sun from our national flags 🇲🇰🇯🇵 shine on the Macedonian - Japanese friendship! Dear Minister @konotaromp I am grateful for your kind message on this occasion. https://t.co/N9MJq5FSKq
It will be an year of optimism, enthusiasm and hard work. Let’s make the most of it, the world needs it. Happy Chinese New Year! https://t.co/KkQUKSXoQx
Still in Skopje, due to foggy conditions. Flight to Vienna cancelled. But determined to make it to #Gymnich in Bucharest one way or the other. Seems it will be via Ljubljana and Munich. EU’s irresistible power of attraction :) https://t.co/A7mH7YxHCg
Our obligation today, and tomorrow, is to remember all the victims of the Holocaust. Remembrance is the first step in our resolute efforts to make sure such a crime is never committed again. Our respect to Aleksandar and Blaga Todorov, the righteous among nations. #NeverAgain https://t.co/fPdbxI7UeK
You will be missed my friend! But, it won’t be long until we continue with our cooperation one way or the other. Wishing you all the best! https://t.co/NkNiy0FL3i
Thank you dear @EZaharievaMFA! Looking forward to my visit to Sofia and another opportunity to advance our friendship and cooperation. #GoodNeighbors #EuropeanBalkans https://t.co/X6lyPLKI90
No jackets meeting with Dr. Jan Hecker, Chancellor Merkel’s Foreign Policy Advisor in the margins of #MSC2019. Discussed the future of the Balkans. https://t.co/sCHAo2hItH
I can’t wait to welcome you dear Linas! Onwards and upwards. And a toast to doing the right thing! https://t.co/zgHsY9jUC8
Congratulations dear Charles! Onwards and upwards! https://t.co/WKqdBUPIrD
Congratulations to our Lithuanian friends celebrating the 101th Anniversary of the Restoration of the State! Saulės gyvavimo Lietuvai! @LinkeviciusL 🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹
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