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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is increasingly focused on object detection technology, notably in the field of computer vision.

👉 Object Detection Technology: Spotting the Latest Trends https://t.co/P2GIZDORWd https://t.co/5liF1taiCK
Forget about diets, the best resolution you can make this year is to give your business a cybersecurity makeover. Here are our top tips! https://t.co/fsWYE95sW5 #cyberaware #cybersecurity via @deepstreamtech
The Best #Business Books of All Time: 15 books every entrepreneur needs to read!


Need advice, inspiration or motivation? These 15 books can help. https://t.co/k4scZqPxz3
Be confident in your product, your knowledge, and your skills in a particular space – this is what will set you apart from the rest.

✅ 5 Tips for Starting your Own Business https://t.co/IiIVbaeixf
🔐 Cyber Security Training for Employees: 5 Best Tips to Keep in Mind

There’s no doubt that in 2020, we’re living in the digital age. The future is now. The entire world runs on informational technology infrastructure. https://t.co/FX32NKCtCo
Want Better Business Results? Encourage This One Quality in Your Employees https://t.co/rEAIbKq5Tq
You don't necessarily have to build a massive #business to feel successful. Sometimes running a small shop is way better than having to deal with endless meetings. See the key lessons from Anything You Want by Derek Siver @durmonski #booksummary https://t.co/M38Pj3cMis https://t.co/pLfurs1yVa
Do you want to improve drastically your business performances? Probably the answer is yes. So, you will need to use ABC analysis or sometimes called as 80/20 rule.

👉 Improve Your Business Performances With ABC Analysis or 80/20 Rule https://t.co/0gB9uN6KaN https://t.co/Dqzlswk7eP
Well, e-business success really comes down to this trifecta: traffic, optimizations, and conversions. #ecommerce

✅ Optimize Your e-Commerce Site and Beat the Competition https://t.co/TAH2KvLdI8
46 percent of job-seekers rated company culture as 'very important' when looking for a new position.


Here are five #businesses that are doing #culture right.

By @TurbineHQ
#leadership https://t.co/dbNKi7gs3l
In times like these, you want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd to be able to get clients and be hired for jobs with your expertise.

💪3 Ways to Brand Yourself as a Freelancer https://t.co/3M9X0wC7o8
Way to Use the Business Card Scanner https://t.co/M6cNuWStCf https://t.co/QAXSaQXxlY
Writing #marketing plan is not the simple task. But, it will help you to know what action steps you need to take to attract enough and the right customers for your business.

✅ What is Marketing Plan and Why You Need It for Your Business https://t.co/q0Lg5j7u7w https://t.co/19201PT5a0
How do you build brand trust for your startup?

Here are 8 ways to look as professional as the more established businesses in your industry, even if you're just starting out.

Via @startuppile

#startups #branding #marketingtips

https://t.co/i7CdHUkKJw https://t.co/n8OMXEfd1q
These 5 Books Will Help Put You in an Innovative Mindset https://t.co/OGJdepwYXw
2 Ways to Stop Worrying About Things You Can't Control https://t.co/3fLYcRVU8W
For many businesses, the prospect of buying a van isn’t an obtainable one, as they do not have the cash to pay upfront, therefore they decide to lease a vehicle instead. But which option is best?

👉 Leasing vs Buying for SME's https://t.co/u2zMJAlMfS
Scared to Pivot? Here's Why Embracing Change Can Save Your Business https://t.co/sTz2v63Eve https://t.co/jPmH4hXBSx
This database is like the 📖 of possible insurance agents. Except, instead of being a physical 📚, it’s one that you can find on the Internet.

✅ How An Insurance Agent Database Can Help You Generate More Leads https://t.co/G4WjdevLdA
Although it’s true that some business operations require loads of startup cash that almost no one has on-hand, not every business requires that kind of cash.

💰 Ways to Fund Your Business Without Going into Debt https://t.co/hCGsQMIcoM
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